Wayne McCutcheon Interview Part 4: Signage is a popular subject

Everyone has an opinion about signage.

Qasim Virjee
Wayne McCutcheon, Carolina Eyzaguirre, Elise Hodson, Qasim Virjee
March 2006
CANADA Toronto Region, Ontario, Toronto Region, CANADA
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Everyone has an opinion about signage. "I would say another big challenge is – because its signage and signage is one of those things that everybody can use it, everybody can see it, everybody can say whether they like it or they don’t like it so everybody has an opinion on it. That, by the same token, was a huge challenge for us because it was like managing the myriad of opinions that you get. I mean everyone and their brother would come to these meetings. We would have these sessions that would be like thirty people, forty people in this thing to see the wayfinding system and we’d think ‘wow, we didn’t know we were so popular around here’. The engineers on the project, the guys that were designing the heating and air conditioning systems, or designing the structure of the building, they would just say ‘this is what it should be’ and everybody would go ‘well I guess so. I don’t know anything about heating, or air conditioning or engineering so I guess that’s right.’ But for us we’d say ‘well here it is’ and they’d say ‘Oh, I’m not sure about that colour, or what about that font?’"

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