Hunting and life on the land will always be part of the core values and activities that define Inuit life. But it must be realized that we have also moved far beyond the land and traditions as being the only defining characteristics for our cultural identity.

Today our cultural identity takes many forms and has many faces. In many ways life on the land can be considered as a spectacular training ground for developing responsibility and an Inuit style of leadership.

Inuit are represented in the Canadian Senate; they are running major companies and corporations especially in the airlines and construction industries that have emerged from the settlement of land claims. Inuit are also creating and running small businesses such as tourist facilities, stores and translation services.

Throughout our territory we are taking over and staffing the many types of boards such as wildlife management boards, and all of our communities are run by Inuit mayors and other elected officials. In the professions we are beginning to take our place as airline pilots, teachers, nurses and other health and social service workers, secretaries and all of the other types of supporting positions that are required in running today’s north.
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada

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