Moses Znaimer was the co-founder and former President and Executive Producer of Citytv. He came to Canada post WWII as a "DP" or displaced person, in 1948. He explains that Canada has a claim on being unique because as a nation we have been able to learn from the past.

Royal Ontario Museum
Moses Znaimer, co-founder of Citytv and President of MZMedia

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I’m aware of a large number of incidents and particularly the most glaring or symbolic of them in which, we, previously, Canada previously, in its previous incarnations did not behave as generously as we do now. And it’s important to recover that history and review it but the big underlying conclusion for me and this is the part that I think gives us a claim on some uniqueness is we were able to change, right? We did have exclusionary immigration, we, we did leave people to the concentration camps, we did charge punitive taxes, we did uproot Asian populations and move them and so on and so forth but apparently we learned. And when you travel and confront those histories in the rest of the world and you see places where they don’t ever learn, you know this is holy ground and ah, and worth preserving.

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