Main characteristics:

  • Primitive brain.
  • 18 teeth, which never stop growing.
  • Weak vision.
  • Better sense of smell than sight.
  • Able to retract its eyes into its sockets.
  • Two toes (two species of sloths) or three toes (four species) on the front feet and always three toes on the hind feet.
  • Long curved claws on the front and hind toes.
  • Arms one and one-half times as long as its legs.
  • Two-toed sloths have no tail.
  • Three-toed sloths have a short tail.
  • Six to nine cervical vertebrae.
  • Body temperature ranges from 24 to 33°C.
  • Two-toed sloths are nocturnal.
  • Three-toed sloths are diurnal and nocturnal.
  • Six known species.

Biodôme de Montréal

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