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QUIZ Primary and Secondary Sources

Identify primary and secondary sources in this short quiz

M. Miller, M. Callaghan, Scarborough Historical Museum

Scarborough, Ontario, CANADA
© 2007, Scarborough Historical Museum. All Rights Reserved.


Primary and Secondary Sources TAKE THE QUIZ

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Question 1

Each item is either a primary or secondary source. Drag the items and drop them on their correct location.

Items:  diary,  audio recording of Grandma talking about her life, history textbook, student report card

Question 2

Is a birth certificate a primary or secondary source ?

Question 3

Click on the object which is not a primary source ?

Question 4

Choose three of the following that are most likely to have primary source documents ?

archives, theatre, reference library, internet, museum

Question 5

A primary source is an original document or account that has survived from the past.    True or False?

Correct answers:

Question 1

Primary Sources:  Audio recording, Diary, student report card

Secondary Source:  History textbook

Question 2

A birth certificate is a primary source.

Question 3

A history textbook is not a primary source, it is a secondary source.

Question 4

Archives, reference libraries and museums are most likely to have primary source documents.

Question 5