The practice of using trademarks and brand names grew after 1910 and the number of Eaton's trademarks that were introduced increased rapidly. Eaton brands included Eaton, Eatonia, Acme, Cravinette, Edgerite, Imperial, Foundation, Multiplex, Braemore, Lady Fair Birkdale, Renown, etc. Some of these products were produced by Eaton's or by subsidiary firms; others were produced under license.

Eaton's Winnipeg sold $11 million worth of goods in 1911, including houses and barns. Eaton's introduced the Product Research Bureau to study goods being offered through the catalogues and to compare them with those sold by other companies. Also in 1916, a new eight-storey building behind the Winnipeg store provided 2 hectares [five acres] of floor space for the mail-order department.
by Catherine C. Cole

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