Required Materials for Elementary and Secondary Webquest

Just about everything your students need to do this Webquest is provided on this site.

You will also need:

  • a large map of Canada on a wall or projected onto a screen;
  • paper, scissors, and glue for making collages;
  • student access to a printer if possible. If students are unable to use a printer, print out:
    • one copy per group of Worksheets 1 PDF (83.5 KB) and 2 PDF (80.2 KB)
    • one copy per student of Worksheets 3 PDF (76.4 KB), 4 PDF (78.5 KB), and 5 PDF (75.6 KB)
    • one copy per student and per group of the catalogue’s order form PDF (76.9 KB);

  • grading rubric PDF (106.8 KB).

Canadian Museum of Civilization

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