Establishment of the Moncton Flying Club in 1929

The Moncton Flight College started in the pilot training business in 1929 as the Moncton Aero Club. Throughout the years it has changed names from the Moncton Aero Club, to the Moncton Flying Club, to the Moncton Flight Center. In 1997 with the introduction of a two-year diploma program it became the Moncton Flight College.

The Moncton Flight College has trained pilots from around the world since 1929. During that time it has taught over 15,000 pilots to fly. Many of those pilots can be seen not only flying aircraft in every corner of the planet, but they also hold senior positions throughout the world’s airlines, aviation authorities and companies.

MFC has been honoured many times in the past by winning numerous awards that speak highly of the level of professionalism. MFC is one of the top producers of commercial pilots in Canada as well as the only school currently authorized to conduct Joint Aviation Authority training in this country.

Don McClure Aviation Historical Gallery, Moncton International Airport
1929 - Present
Moncton, New Brunswick, CANADA
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