Two pilots trained at 403 Helicopter Squadron at CFB Gagetown become astronauts.

Planet Space, headquartered in Chicago, is part of the new emerging space commercialization business. Teamed with major players in rocket booster and space craft development (like Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company), Planet Space is developing a broad spectrum of commercial space services that include Cargo and Crew to the International Space station, Point-to-Point Global Travel, Space Tourism, Satellite Orbital Delivery and Escape Velocity Missions.

Among the Astronauts working for Canadian Arrow, the Canadian arm of Planet Space, are Captain D.J. Bellinger and Captain Marvin Edward ‘Ted’ Gow. From 2000 to 2002 Captain David Ballinger served as an Aviation Tactics Instructor at 403 Helicopter Operational training squadron at CFB Gagetown. There he taught aviation warfare to senior Canadian and foreign military pilots. Captain Ted Gow was a CH-146 Griffon instructor pilot, also with 403 Helicopter Operational Training squadron at CFB Gagetown, where he was stationed in the summer of 2004.

In the early 1970s Prince Charles, heir to the throne, received his pilot training on helicopters at CFB Gagetown. Local residents say that they could always determine when Prince Charles was flying since his helicopter was always followed closely by another, an emergency measure should anything happen to the Prince’s aircraft.

Canadian Arrow/Planet Space
2000 - 2004
CFB Gagetown Oromocto, New Brunswick, CANADA
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