How Did People Emigrate from Probfeld to Canada?

The emigration of the people living in Probfeld occurred in three waves.

  1. The first group which left in 1849 consisted of the Schanz family (parental grandparents, parents and all four children) and two children of the Ingold family (married Schanz and Gascho). The farmhand of the Schanz family, Jakob Regier, accompanied them.
  2. The second group left in 1850. The sisters of Jakob Regier left for Quebec, a port in Canada, one with her family (married to Schütz with two children), the other was single. The Farm of the Regier family in Probfeld was sold on July 11, 1850.
  3. The last group that follows the emigrants to Canada in 1851, comprises the parents and children of the Ingold and Gascho families who had been left behind. Along with them Magdalena Albrecht emigrated.

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