Play this animation to zoom in on our location, and see how the tides of Fundy are the "making" of the Tantramar.

Tantramar Interactive Inc.
Paul Bogaard, Leslie Van Patter, Adèle Hempel
18-19th Century
Sackville, New Brunswick, CANADA
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.


This animation zooms in from satellite images of the Earth, to North America, to the Bay of Fundy, to the Tantramar marshes at the head of the Bay. “High tide” is shown filling the marshland (“pre-dyking”), and then with “Acadian dyking” is transformed into “Reclaimed land.” A star settles into the exact location of Mi’maq encampment, Acadian settlement and the later British settlement which spawns the Campbell Carriage Factory.

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