Mobilization of Canadian Army Units

When the Second World War broke out, all of Canada’s permanent army units and most of its Militia units were mobilized for active service. For example, during the afternoon of September 1, 1939, the Commander of Military District No. 3 ordered Lieutenant-Colonel G.H. Rogers, Commanding Officer of The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa (M.G.), to mobilize his regiment.

November 11, 1939: Armistice Day. In Quebec City, the Royal 22e Régiment paraded down the Grande-Allée before the departure of troops for the war. The regiment became a unit of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division and left for England on December 8, 1939. During the Second World War a total of 5,294 officers and men served in the Royal 22e Régiment and its members were awarded 186 decorations, including one Victoria Cross.
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1939-09-01 - 1939-11-11
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
Quebec, Quebec, CANADA
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