Grace Bell's Varied Thrush Research Notes

Tape Number: M6.047(08a)
Recording Remarks: 15 ips, Nagra IIIB, AKG Microphone, 20" Hand held Parabolic Reflector
Length: 03:04
Location Description: 6:30-7:30 a.m. Garden. Trilliums out. Heavy frost. No wind, temperature 35 degrees F.
Location Name: 742 St. Patrick St., Victoria, BC
General Remarks: He puts his head back with bill pointed skyward. He was mostly in an apple tree 6 ft. from the ground. Beautiful plumage. Fox sparrows below him. Several in garden all the bad weather of winter. They like the apples. Background: Gulls, Bewick’s Wren, Fox Sparrow, traffic.
Date: 1960/03/23
Recorder: Grace Bell
The Royal British Columbia Museum
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