Elena Rivera Interview Part 2: career

Elena Rivera speaks about how and why she became a graphic designer.

Qasim Virjee
Elena Rivera, Daniela Bryson, Elise Hodson, Qasim Virjee
March 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
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Elena Rivera speaks about how and why she became a graphic designer. "My father was an entrepreneur so in my mind that’s just what you do – you know what to do so you just go and do it as a business. When I graduated there was a bit of a recession happening. I had met people that said “When you graduate give me a call” and by the time I graduated there wasn’t that same economic stability that had been there while I was going to school. So I did start a business, I had an office, I had business cards but I didn’t even have a computer so, you can imagine, the road was pretty tough. In the beginning I did end up working for about ten months at a press where I learnt everything that I now know about the printing process, which has helped me with my clients because I can provide a lot of printing coordination and management. That’s part of my design process so we’re never stuck with a project that is unprintable and things like that. And then I worked for a firm that hired me for 10 months where I was replacing someone on maternity leave. And then after that I’ve been on my own."

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