Elena Rivera Interview Part 8: Reaction to the logo

Reaction to the logo - it is not easy trying to keep a whole country happy.

Qasim Virjee
Elena Rivera, Daniela Bryson, Elise Hodson, Qasim Virjee
March 2006
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
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Reaction to the logo - it is not easy trying to keep a whole country happy. "And when you have two million people and twenty million people [in Vancouver, in Canada] one person in the boardroom represents that one percent [who might object to the logo]. That one percent represents thirty thousand or fifty thousand people so it’s a matter of scale. All the cities that have launched logos have the same process – they present the logo and people will tell their reaction. So I think that once the Olympics are here, and it’s all about inviting the world and welcoming the world and the Olympic movement, and it becomes accepted and it grows on people. People have come to me and said “You know, we really, really loved it”. They either loved it from the beginning or after all this time has passed it’s really grown on them. Kids really like it. They really identify with it, which I think is great. I like that it involves kids because kids don’t normally see a logo and go “Oh, there we go. The Olympics.’ They pay more attention to it because they really identify with it so that’s a great crowd to have pay attention to something so big. So I’m just really thrilled for them because I think that all together they – the Inuit community- will have more attention than they ever thought possible. They are now in the global map, which is, I think, one of the best things that could happen."

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