Renowned Haida artist, Bill Reid fulfilled his dream of making a Haida canoe in 1986. The 50 foot Lootaas, or Wave-eater was commissioned by the Royal Bank for EXPO 86 in Vancouver. The canoe was made in Skidegate with the assistance of several Haida carvers over a period of nine months.

Following EXPO, in 1987, the Haida undertook a historic 600 mile journey from Vancouver to Haida Gwaii. The journey re-visited some of the old trading routes along which Haida had not travelled by canoe for a hundred years. Feasts were hosted at every First Nations village along the route to welcome the Haida paddlers and commemorate the historic occasion.

Lootaas embarked on another historic journey in 1989. This time its voyage began in Rouen in northeastern France. A seven-day journey along the Seine River took paddlers to Paris. The end of the voyage coincided with the opening of an exhibition of Haida art at the Musée de l’Homme.
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