The First Daybook-- 1853 to 1862

In the earliest records from the Campbell Carriage Factory we already find carriages, wagons, carts and pungs being sold and repaired … plus, on these two pages, a loom, repairing a spool wheel, and a shoe bench. In return, they sometimes received cash, but as often it was paid by labour or other goods in trade. It suggests an economy still based on bartering. There's even credit for 20 bushels of potatoes!

Tantramar Interactive Inc.
Leslie Van Patter, Paul Bogaard
19-20th Century
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.


An animation presenting the first Daybook kept by the Campbells covering 1853 to 1862. Opened to the first two pages, there are two items flashing. When chosen, the first of these zooms in on the earliest record of a carriage being sold, and transcribes the item:
“August 12, 1853 James Anderson is "debited" 15 pounds sterling for one new carriage.”
When choosing the second flashing item, one zooms in two listings:
“Oliver Wood is credited with 19 days of work, worth 7 pounds 12 shillings, but has to pay each day for putting his horse out in the Campbells’ pasture.”

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