Account Book “C” – 1880s to 1920s

This ledger was organized by individual accounts, listing the credits and debits accumulated by each customer over many years. This page is identified as the on-going accounts of Wm. C. Milner, one of the Campbell’s better customers. We can see debits for repairs to a carriage, a child’s carriage, a sleigh, and even a Surrey, as well as various kinds of farm equipment. He also purchases a fancy new carriage. And on the right-hand side, we see that from time to time Milner makes partial payments by cheque or cash.

Tantramar Interactive Inc.
Leslie Van Patter, Paul Bogaard
19-20th Century
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.


An animation presenting Account Book “C” with individual accounts from the 1880s to the 1920s. Opened to the account of Wm C. Milner there are items flashing. When chosen, one zooms in on these listings:
“ June 8, 1897 Milner is debited $120 for a new "Phaeton". In July he adds “mud fenders,” and two year's later he is being charged interest. (In 1904 the Phaeton is back in for repairs.)”

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