The Last Ledger -- 1947 to 1951

In the last years of the carriage factory the Campbell’s kept this “ledger” which included transactions at the carriage factory (listed as the “shop”) as well as from their farm and other “general” transactions. Notice the “cash” and “ledger” headings which indicate they were by this point using a double-entry system of accounting. The ledgers of the CCF record the employment of George Rogers from when he began as a teenage apprentice, to these -- the very last wages he drew -- 66 years later! The books were finally closed on the Factory three years later.

Tantramar Interactive Inc.
Leslie Van Patter, Paul Bogaard
19-20th Century
© 2007, Tantramar Heritage Trust. All Rights Reserved.


An animation based on the last Ledger kept by the Campbells, recording various business transactions including the last records from the Carriage Factory. On the page presented, from early 1948, there are only wages recorded for the “Shop,” including two flashing items. When chosen, one zooms in on these lisings, with this transcription:
“January 9 & 15, 1948 George Rogers is paid $9.00 & $13.00 for his last few days of work. (Jas. O'Neal is also shown, earning $20.00 a week.)”

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