During the Battle of the North Atlantic, the Royal Canadian Navy was responsible for protecting the large convoys carrying food and war supplies to Britain and Europe from the German U-boats traveling in "wolf-packs" beneath the surface. Two of the most successful weapons used by the Royal Canadian Navy were the Hedgehog and the Squid. The Hedgehog was a "forward throwing" weapon that launched twenty-four 35 lb. warheads into the sea, intending to sink submerged U-boats with devastating explosions. The weapon was designed to explode on contact, an improvement over the pressure-detonated depth charge system. The Squid was a similar weapon to the hedgehog, only considerably larger. Also a forward launching weapon, the Squid carried 300 lbs. of explosive and launched three to six warheads at a time. The Squid was the most effective anti-submarine weapon of the Second World War.
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