Excerpt 1: from Life in the Lumber Camps of McLachlin Brothers

"The teamsters were not trusted with money to pay their expenses as many of them would spend it for drink at the first stopping place. They were given "way orders", small forms laboriously filled out in triplicate (each copy written separately) by Peter Tait, the store man, entitling them to meals and accommodation for themselves and their horses. As some teamsters could not read, the "dinner, hay, and stabling" order was printed on blue paper. Supper and breakfast were supplied with the "lodging" although they were not mentioned on the order. Indeed on some examples that information was supplied. The charge for man and team at noon was 50 cents, overnight $1.00. No charge was made for a bed; very often the teamster slept on the floor in his own blankets."

Charles Macnamara
c. 1940
Ontario, CANADA
© 1940, Ontario Archives. All Rights Reserved.

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