Listen: Martin Garvey tells Rory MacKay about the Garvey House

Rory Mackay, Martin Garvey
c. 1900
Ontario, CANADA
© 1976, Friends of Algonquin Park. All Rights Reserved.


R: What was the farmhouse like on the inside?
M: On the inside? Well, it was big. Maybe looking back at it now, maybe it looks bigger than it really was, as I would see it, eh? ‘Cause, as they say, the old swimming hole always looks back bigger in memory, but when you went back there again, it had become a lot smaller.
R: Right.
M: But the house, it was big. You come in the front door. And, on the left, there was a parlour and behind it was a bedroom. And all this side was one big room. And it was pioneer, pioneer days, you see. All this was one big room with a big long table, for to feed people, and this was a cooking…and people ate. Now, the bar-room was in there, just off of that room.
R: Off the big room?
M: Yeah. Off the big room. The bar-room was in the middle.
R: Okay. What was the outside of the house like?
M: It was a log house, see, but you would never know it from the outside because it was shiplapped. And they’re using that again now. That’s the boards and then a narrow board on the joint.
R: On the joint.
M: Yeah.
R: And was that nailed together — pegged together?
M: Oh, yeah, it was nailed on.
R: Nailed on.
M: And painted, they painted it white and green.

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