Let students explore this page of the website or pre-assign Reading: Achievements.

In pairs (or, as computers permit, individually or in groups), students view Video: Legacies, which features four chapters in which internees discuss the following themes:

•    Justice
•    Identity
•    Legacies
•    The Holocaust

Students can watch all four themes, or focus on a single theme. Groups then present on one theme to their classmates, responding to the following questions:

•    What are the key points or ideas expressed by the former internees?
•    What comment struck you most and why?
•    What question of your own would you ask the former internees?

The class debriefs about the internees’ reflections as a whole, using the questions above as a guide. Additional prompts for each chapter include:

•    Justice: Do you think Canada’s wartime internment of refugees was justified?
•    Identity: How do the former internees’ comments about their identities, Canadian and otherwise, relate to your own feelings of identity?
•    Legacies: How were the individuals affected by their internment experiences?
•    The Holocaust: What are your thoughts about the individuals’ comments on the relationship between internment and the Holocaust?
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