The Marie-Victorin medal was awarded to Dr. Frappier by the Quebec government’s Ministère des affaires culturelles (MAC) in October, 1979.

In an interview with the Devoir, Dr. Frappier stated that Marie-Victorin, whom he knew very well, encouraged him to continue his research in microbiology in the laboratories of Hôpital Saint-Luc.

Excerpt from a leaflet: Les prix du Québec: It was the idea of Athanase David, the Province’s secretary at the time, to showcase the excellence of Quebecers in various areas. During 40 years, from 1922 to 1966, the Concours litéraires et scientifiques du Québec crowned the work of more than 500 individuals who also received, for one of their works in particular, the highest distinction awarded by the government of the province of Quebec, the prix David. It was only in 1967 and 1968 that it was decided to award the prix Athanase-David and the scientific awards to men and women for their entire body of work. In 1977, aiming to reflect as accurately as possible the dynamism of our culture, the government of Quebec regrouped the scientific awards under the name prix Marie-Victorin, reserving the prix Athanase-David for literary creation and creating 3 other awards: the prix Denise-Pelletier (performing arts), the prix Paul-Émile-Borduas (visual arts), and the prix Léon-Gérin (social sciences). Prix Marie-Victorin: this is the highest distinction awarded to a scientist to highlight the excellence of his work. The award was named in honor of brother Marie-Victorin, author of La flore Laurentienne and founder of the Montreal Botanical Garden.

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