More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth.
    Napoleon Hill

There are many ways we use the word gold. Sometimes we combine it with other words to create vivid images that gain meaning simply because of the value we place on gold. Many are idioms, a group of words that has a meaning other than the basic words. A heart of gold would definitely weigh a body down, taken literally. But in our culture, a heart of gold is a high compliment, describing generosity.

Some golden expressions are compliments.
    Heart of gold
    Good as gold
    Worth your weight in gold

Some describe longed for financial possibilities.

    Pot of gold
    Sitting on a gold mine
    Strike gold

Others have to do with a romanticized image of age.
    Golden years
    Golden anniversary
    Golden girls

Knowing the meaning of each of these would be helpful in the business world.
    Golden handshake
    Golden parachute
    Golden handcuffs

Here is list of some words and expressions that have been mined in our language. Some express different conditions and emotions; some simply describe a colour attribute.

heart of gold
good as gold
dripping with gold
be like gold dust

gold mine of  information

black gold

worth your weight in gold

pot of gold
sitting on a gold mine

gold digger
strike gold
go for gold
golden gods
golden goose/goose that laid the golden egg

gold rush
gold rushers
There’s gold in them there hills!

24 karat gold
gold nuggets
golden age
golden anniversary
golden ringlets
golden melodies
golden girls
golden parachute
golden handcuffs
golden handshake
silence is golden
streets paved with gold

golden fleece
On Golden Pond
fool’s gold
gold foil
gold leaf
gold plated
golden calf
gold credit card
golden harvest
gold record
golden rings
river of gold
golden delicious golden raisins
golden rays

gold standard
gold plated
gold coast
liquid gold
Scotian Gold
gold Coast

More language inspired by gold
There are expressions that actually use the word gold. There are also words that have gained their meaning in relation to gold. Here are a few:

Midas touch
Mother lode
Mint condition
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