1. You have read about five countries and different aspects of the role that gold played in their culture. Choose another country to research in relation to gold, answering the following questions.
    a. Who? (culture or people)
    b. Where? (continent, country)
    c. When? (time period)
    d. How? (How was it significant)
    e. What? (draw an example or describe gold object(s) of significance)  

2. Write a story that develops a character, using at least ten gold expressions to describe character traits, objects, or situations.

3. If you had a choice between investing in the stock market, putting your money in a savings account, or buying gold, which would you choose? Do research to justify your answer. Is there a different way you would choose to store your money so it maintains (or increases in value). Justify your answer. 

4. Create your own culture. Choose the article most valued in that culture and write a story that describes the role that article plays in the society. You can create a legend, write your own history, make a video, etc.

5. Create an award. What do you think deserves gold?
    a. Describe the occasion or accomplishment that earns the reward.
    b. Make the trophy, medal, or other article that will be awarded out of whatever
materials you choose.

6. Think about the whole idea of rewards: Winner gets gold.
    a. How would you arrange reward if you were in charge?
    b. Create your own system and justify your rationale.
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Dian Day, Susan Sellers, Rita Wilson

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