In our view of the environment, we see ourselves as responsible participants in a cycle of harvesting and renewal whose balance cannot be upset without incurring severe consequences.

We intend to make sure that the environmental destruction that is apparent elsewhere in the world will not occur in the North. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible for us to control dangerous pollutants that move into our area from outside.

Contact with the south and the arrival of new modes of transport, new industries, and the trappings of a modernized life have been enormous boons to our over-all well-being, but they have also introduced more chemicals into our environment that contaminate our land and threaten our health.

More often than not, these pollutants originate from industrial zones in the north or the south, sometimes from as far away as Europe and Asia. They travel through the upper atmosphere and settle in the north, ultimately being absorbed into northern land and streams thus becoming a part of our food chain. Pollutants can also originate from the materials that we import like cleaners, batteries and gasoline.
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada

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