Begin by introducing the term “enemy aliens.” As a class, students discuss what they think it might mean.

Introduce contextual information for the outbreak war, the perceived possibility of a German invasion, and anxieties about “fifth columnists,” or spies.
Let students explore this page of the website or pre-assign Reading: “Enemy Aliens.”

Copy and distribute copies of Document: “Refugee from Nazi Oppression Certificate” and Document: “Application for Consideration by Joint Recruiting Board.” Each student should have one document.

In journals, students reflect on what their document reveals about Britain’s treatment of “enemy aliens.” Use the following questions as prompts:

What is the document’s function?
Who do you think produced and circulated the document?
How do you imagine the recipient would have responded to the document?
What does the document reveal about the society in which it was produced?

Students work in pairs – each student with a different document – to discuss their journal entries. As a class, debrief Britain’s policies toward “enemy aliens” as reflected by the documents.
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