Potlatches and feasts have been held in greater and greater numbers over the past 15 years. Potlatches serve to uphold traditional Haida laws and the transfer of inherited rights and property. Guests, sometimes a thousand or more, are invited by the host of a potlatch to commemorate a significant occasion, such as the passing on of a chief's title and property, a marriage, or a memorial to honour someone who has died. By honouring their invitations, guests validate the claims and actions of the potlatch host and are compensated with feasting and gifts. Many of the elaborate Haida artistic traditions, including wood and metal carving, songs, dance and theatre, weaving and button blankets, developed around the potlatch.

Several potlatches in Old Massett have resulted in new family crest poles being raised to commemorate the passing on of chieftainship. Memorial poles have been raised to honour the passing of clan leaders.
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