Alexander Davidovich Drevin, Valley of the Charysh River

Drevin painted this landscape during a trip to the Altai steppes, accompanied by Nadezhda Udaltsova. This trip was very important for his work, making it possible for him to understand what it was that he felt was the essence of painting, namely that the object of artistic representation resides not only in the outside world, but also in the painter’s soul. The outline of the figures, the perspective of the path disappearing in the distance, the massive mountains on both sides of the road, all combined with a blindingly white sun, splashes of red light in a yellow sky, contribute to the expressiveness of the work. The light cutting through the space of the canvas makes it almost palpable; it becomes clear that the painting was the incarnation of the painter’s deeply felt personal emotions felt. In his autobiography, the artist said, “It is the picturesqueness of the vast spaces of the Altai that primarily influenced me; the extraordinary power of its light transformed my painting.”

Alexander Davidovich Drevin

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