Students work individually to summarize Reading: The Nazi Racial State, noting the steps taken by the Nazis to persecute Jews after coming to power in 1933.

In pairs (or, as computer access permits, individually or in groups), students view Video: Nazism in Germany & Austria, which features recollections of former internees about how life changed for them, their families and their communities after the Nazis’ rise to power in Germany and Austria. Students should watch the video twice; on the first viewing, students watch and listen carefully, while on the second viewing, students should note the incidents of persecution as described by the interviewees.

As a class, students discuss their notes generated in response to the video.

•    How did life change for the interviewees after the Nazis’ rise to power?

•    How did your understanding of the rise of Nazism change after viewing the video?

•    What did the video testimony reveal that the reading did not? What did the reading reveal that the video did not?

•    The videos offer recollections of individuals who were young at the time of the events described. How does this affect their accounts? How did this affect your response to these accounts?

•    Based on the interviewee’s comments, why would Jews seek to leave Germany and Austria during the 1930s?
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