Glossary of Ornithology Terms D-F

Downy Plumage- refers to the plumage of a chick upon hatching. May be thick and soft as in ducklings, or very sparse or absent as in the nestlings of many passerine species. Downy plumage is followed by the development of feathers.

Exotic- refers to non-native, or introduced species

Eye Combs- usually brightly coloured regions situated above the eyes of certain species. They have the appearance of a colourful eyebrow, and function in sexual displays and recognition.

Family- a taxonomic group comprised of one or more genera. The names of bird families all have the ending -idae.

Fledge- young birds are said to have "fledged" when they have completely acquired their first true feathers and have left the nest. They may be referred to as "fledglings" from the time they leave the nest until they are completely independent of all parental care.
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