Glossary of Ornithology Terms G-L

Genus- (plural genera). A taxonomic group including one or more species. Families are divided into genera.

Gular Sac- a skin pouch of the throat found in some species, and most obvious in the pelicans. Nesting pelicans use it for panting, as a means of cooling or lowering body temperature, as well as to hold partially digested fish while the young feed from the pouch. Less conspicuous gular sacs are found in cormorants, owls, pheasants, pigeons and some other groups of birds.

Lek- traditional display grounds on which males of certain promiscuous species, such as the Sharp-tailed Grouse, perform courtship displays to attract females. Displaying males defend small territories on the lek, with the more dominant males usually dancing towards the center of the court. Females visit the lek, and select a male for copulation.

Length- the distance from the tip of the bill to the tip of the longest tail feather.

Lobate- also referred to a lobed, this condition refers to feet which are specially adapted for swimming, with a series of lateral lobes on the toes. Most obvious in the grebes.

Lore- region of the bird’s head between the eye and the base of the upper part of the bill.
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