Quote from 'Hundreds and Thousands'

"I woke this morning with "unity of movement" in a picture strong in my mind. I believe that van Gogh had that idea. I did not realize he had striven for that till quite recently so I did not come by the idea through him ... I see it very strongly out on the beach and cliffs. I felt it in the woods but did not quite realize what I was feeling. Now it seems to me the first thing to seize on in your layout is the direction of your main movement, the sweep of the whole thing as a unit. One must be very careful about the transition of one curve of direction into the next, vary the length of the wave of space but keep it going, a pathway for the eye and the mind to travel through and into the thought. For long I have been trying to get these movements of the parts. Now I see there is only one movement. It sways and ripples. It may be slow or fast but it is only one movement sweeping out into space but always keeping going ~ rocks, sea, sky, one continuous movement."1
1Emily Carr, Hundreds and Thousands, (Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 2006), 154.
Emily Carr
1933 - 1937
Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
CANADA Vancouver Island and vicinity, British Columbia, Vancouver Island and vicinity, CANADA
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