Letter about Recruitment of Emigrants

No. 6204 Augsburg, 4. April, 1886

Royal Government of Swabia and Neuburg


Chamber of the Interior

Re: Recruitment of Emigrants for Canada

According to reliable information, two Germans, D.W. Riedle and Adolgh [sic] Christoph, now living in Winnipeg in the Canadian Province of Manitoba, left for Germany at the end of January of this year. The first comes from Würtemberg, the second from Eschborn near Frankfurt on the Main. They intend to recruit emigrants for Canada. Riedle especially will work in the Alsace and the southern part of Baden, while Christoph chose the area around Frankfurt on the Main.

In order to carry out a resolution of the Royal Ministry of State for the Interior of the 30th of this month, No. 3801, you are asked confidentially, to take the necessary steps as outlined in the various resolutions concerning emigration to Brazil, as there is the possibility that this recruitment agitation might be extended to Bavaria.

To -

All District Police Headquarters
of the Administrative Region

Royal Government of Swabia and Neuburg
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