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Microorganisms in a Macro World (part 4)


CHIN, Gatineau, Quebec

Vaccination campaign

In 1946, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada asked Dr. Frappier to conduct sanitation studies of the First Nations peoples of Quebec and Canada.

The mission given to Dr. Frappier consisted of studying the opportunity and feasibility of vaccinating the nomadic First Nations people against tuberculosis. The first region he visited in 1949 was Waswanipi, north of Senneville. Dr. Frappier visited every tent and vaccinated all the occupants.

Dr. Frappier demonstrated to the authorities the importance of vaccinating indigenous populations, who were being ravaged by tuberculosis. In 1950 and 1952, he went to the Mistassini, Manawan (and Waswanipi) reserves to convince the populations to accept vaccination and to teach the technique to the nurses. BCG vaccination succeeded in eradicating the tuberculosis epidemic in these populations at the time.

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