Some Important Dates for New Brunswick Acadians

1604: Establishment of a settlement on St.Croix Island (Maine-New Brunswick border). Marks the founding of Acadia by Pierre du Gua, sieur de Monts, and Samuel de Champlain.

1605: Founding of Port-Royal, the first permanent settlement in Acadia.

1632: Isaac de Razilly undertakes the colonization of Acadia with a contingent of 70 settlers.

1713: The Treaty of Utrecht confirms the definitive defeat of Acadia by England after several wars and its conquest in 1710 over France.

1755: Beginning of Deportation and exile of Acadians, mainly to the British American colonies. Continues until 1763.

1763: France loses Canada for good with the Paris Treaty. Acadia will therefore remain forever British.

1784: Following the final victory of the American colonies over England, the province of New Brunswick is created by British Loyalists on the territory which has been, since 1764, the New Acadia of Acadians returned from exile.

1848: After a 64-year wait, the first Acadian member is elected to the province of New Brunswick Legislative Assembly. His name is Armand Landry.

1864: Founding of St-Joseph College in Memramcook, a forerunner of the Université de Moncton.

1867: Publication of the Moniteur Acadien, the first Acadian newspaper.

1871: Beginning of a school crisis in New Brunswick concerning French and religious teaching in Acadian schools, culminating with the death of Louis Mailloux and a young Scottish militiaman during a skirmish in Caraquet in 1875.

1881: First National Convention of Acadians in Memramcook (New Brunswick). August 15, Assumption Day, is chosen as the Acadian National Holiday.

1884: Second National Convention. This time, a flag and a national anthem are chosen. These two symbols, the Ave Maris Stella and the French Tricolor flag adorned with a yellow star in Papal colors and representing the Virgin Mary, emphasize the attachment of Acadians to their religion.

1955: Multiple activities mark the bicentennial of the Deportation.

1960: Louis J. Robichaud becomes the first Acadian to be elected Premier of the province of New Brunswick.

1963: Establishment of the University of Moncton, which is the largest French-Canadian university outside of Quebec.

1969: New Brunswick becomes the only officially bilingual Canadian province.

1977: First season of operation of the Village Historique Acadien.
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