Technological Uses of Gold Today

Because of its unique properties, gold is used in many different technological applications. It is easy to work with, resistant to corrosion, and highly conductive of electricity. It is used in catalytic convertors in cars and trucks to reduce dangerous emissions in engine exhaust; in cell phone and computer microchips and electronic circuitry connections; in airplane windshields and spaceship equipment because it reflects heat and infrared radiation; in dental fillings and crowns in teeth; in inner ear implants, to determine pregnancy, and to treat prostate cancer, arthritis, or facial paralysis, along with a host of other medical problems and diseases. Gold is at the forefront of many nanotechnology applications. Nanoparticles of gold are increasingly used as catalysts to deliver medicines to specific cells or locations in the body, or to target cancers.
Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Dian Day, Susan Sellers, Rita Wilson
21st Century
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