“That past is still, for us, a place that is not safely settled.”
– Michael Ondaatje, writer

There are an infinite number of stories and objects that are integral to the history of Canada. We have been able to examine only a few artifacts and only a few of the cultures that have helped to shape this nation. A complete history of Canada would be impossible to cover in this space.

We have attempted to build some bridges to the past through objects, in order to gain insight into our collective history. Filled with complexity, diversity, and duality, our collective history is the result of the interaction of many nations, immigrants, and people seeking refuge.

As Canadians, we each have the formidable task of being neighbours with the entire world, all within our own country. This is the basis of a multicultural society set within the context of globalization.

Understanding how the country was shaped and continues to be shaped by the interaction of so many peoples and cultures is part of our ongoing challenge. It is an understanding that is essential for the future of Canada.
Royal Ontario Museum
Historical Advisors: Alison Faulknor, The Dominion Institute; Nick Brune, author and history teacher

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