Canada: Our Challenges and Our Future (con't)

Prior to 1962, since the time of Confederation, immigration policies were restrictive, exclusive, and selective. When the Immigration Act dropped restrictions based on race and ethnicity, people from Africa, East Asia, South Asia, and Latin America began to seek refuge and a new home in Canada.  Most immigrants and refugees came to Canada with dreams and hopes of prosperity.

During the Trudeau era (1968-1984), tens of thousands from all over the globe made this land their home. Canada also undertook a new role: to serve as a multicultural example for the rest of the world. In 1971, the federal government developed a policy of multiculturalism within a framework of two official languages, promoting and supporting the diverse nature of our country.
Royal Ontario Museum
Historical Advisors: Alison Faulknor, The Dominion Institute; Nick Brune, author and history teacher

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