Johann Schmitt, Halifax, 1750

My wife and I landed in Halifax in 1750, exhausted after a long sea voyage. We were quite unprepared for what we would find there. The first settlement had been made only a year before, and it was a rough and chaotic place being built out of the forest. We wanted to get to the land we’d been promised and start building our new home, but that was not possible. The French Acadians living to the northwest and the native people of the land were not happy about this new influx of people, and the Governor was concerned with protecting Halifax against attack. As I owed most of the money for our passage to the British, I was set to work building fortifications. We stayed that winter with other families in barracks, and managed as best we could with the food they gave us - hard bread, salt beef and pork, butter, dried peas, oatmeal, rum and molasses. We were terribly homesick.
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