The activities include reference to Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences (Verbal-Linguistic; Logical-Mathematical; Bodily-Kinesthetic; Visual-Spatial; Musical; Interpersonal; Intrapersonal; Naturalist). It is hoped that this will reflect the variety of learning styles within the classroom setting.

• “Buddhism influenced arts and samurai culture”
“Christianity influenced arts; Crusades a ‘holy’ war”
o Find, display, and discuss a single work showing the influence of Buddhism in Japanese art.
o Further, have students compare this original choice with a second from another culture (e.g. how spirituality influences First Nations art).
(Verbal-Linguistic – speaking, Visual-Spatial – study images; Interpersonal – group work).
• With students list festivals or celebrations taking place in their own community including where the festival originated. Discuss with students the reasons for celebrations in a culture – seasonal / historical / religious. Encourage students to focus on a calendar model, taking into account the entire year.
o Have students create a calendar (or brochure or collage) illustrating a few festivals and celebrations held throughout the year in Japan, indicating which are traditional and which are additions to Japanese culture.
(Verbal-Linguistic – group discussion; Visual-Spatial – creating)
o Have students create an annual calendar showing all the cultural festivals contained within the class.
• Organize a Japanese festival day. Decide which festival to celebrate and then prepare materials and appropriate foods and activities.
(Bodily-Kinesthetic – work with hands, learn by doing; Interpersonal – group activity)
• Make a miniature Zen garden for meditation or quiet reflection with small box, using a selection of sand, rocks, and a handheld rake or fork (and maybe play Japanese music during activity). (Bodily-Kinesthetic – make garden, handling rocks, physical movement of raking sand; Intrapersonal – individual reflection; Naturalist – collect and work with sand and different types of rocks; Musical – listen to music while ‘working in garden.’).

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