Importance of Pollinator Gardens

People can cause changes in habitats that greatly affect plant and animal populations. These human-caused changes can have negative effects, or positive ones. Often in the media we hear about the negative effects of human activities, such as pollution, habitat destruction and a decline in a population of plants or animals. People of all ages have the power to make positive changes that can benefit wild plants and animals, and help conserve their habitats. The results are a healthier environment for all of us to live in!

Planting prairie gardens that attract pollinating insects and birds is an action that can cause a very positive effect on the environment. A prairie garden that attracts pollinators creates an important habitat that benefits plants and animals far beyond the garden itself. As we know from life webs, plants and animals, including people, are interrelated and need each other in many ways to live. By providing habitat for pollinators in your yard you can increase their numbers, which will benefit all gardens in the neighborhood. Like the ripples that expand from throwing a pebble in a pond, pollinator habitat gardens provides food for birds, beneficial insects, animals and people far from your garden!
The Manitoba Museum
Angela Fey, Diana Bizecki Robson

Prairie Provinces, CANADA
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