Aerial view of Daniel Johnson Dam, Quebec

This multiple-arch-and-buttress dam is the largest of its kind in the world. Inaugurated in 1969, it was named after Quebec's Premier at the time, Daniel Johnson. Its reservoir is four times the size of the Island of Montreal. In 2000, Canada Post issued a stamp in honour of this structure. Hydro-Québec's successes soon made it a symbol of the Quiet Revolution and earned it an international reputation. Facts about Daniel Johnson Dam: Its construction spread over a 10-year period. It required 2.2 million cubic metres of concrete. That’s the equivalent of a regular sidewalk linking the north and south poles. The reservoir's surface area is 1,973 square kilometres. The dam’s height is 214 m and the length of its crest is 1.3 km.

Courtesy of Caroline Cholette, Hydro-Québec Archives

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