The Sky Beings (The Moon, Sun and Morning Star - The Planet Venus)

Spomi-tapi-ksi (the Sky Beings) are part of our Blackfoot world. Natosi (Sun), his wife Kokomi kisomm (Moon), and their son Ipiso waahsa (Morning Star), gave our ancestors important sacred ceremonies to use whenever we need their help and guidance in our lives.

One of our ancient stories tells how a poor young man was marked with a terrible scar, so he was called Scarface.

The Blackfoot of the North American Plains believe that a poor young man called Scarface was marked with a terrible scar. He was rejected by the woman he wanted to marry and decided to travel far away to try and heal his scar. He travelled for many days, and eventually came to live with Natosi (Sun), Kokomi-kisomm (Moon) and Ipiso-waahsa (Morning Star). During his time with them he had many adventures and received many gifts, including the sweatlodge that Natosi used to heal Scarface, and a shield, bow and arrows. When Scarface left to return to his people, Natosi gave him a white buckskin suit decorated with beautiful quillwork and scalps to commemorate the timeScarface saved Morning Star from the Cranes. Natosi also gave Scarface the instructions for putting up the Holy Lodge, which is done each year by a virtuous woman during the Sundance.

- As told by Earl Old Person, (Amsskaapipikani) or by Three Bears (Duvall).
As told by Earl Old Person, (Amsskaapipikani) or by Three Bears (Duvall), Canadian Heritage Informat
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