Political and Religious Message

To get around the lack of photographs, artists have drawn portraits of religious leaders and the founders of the major Senegalese brotherhoods: the Mourides and Sheik Amadou Bamba, the Tidjanya and El Hadj Malick Sy, etc.

During the colonial period, the French forbade the spreading of the ideas and images of religious leaders who were opposed to French policy. Sheik Ahmadou Bamba (1850-1927) was accused by the colonial administration of disturbing law and order and was deported to Gabon (1895-1902). There is a tradition that he was forbidden to pray on the boat taking him to Gabon but that divine intervention enabled him to perform his religious duty on a carpet held up by angels rolled out on top of the waves.
Musée de la Femme "Henriette Bathily"
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