Ronald Paul discusses the fur business.

Courtesy of Ronald Paul

New Brunswick, CANADA
© 2007, New Brunswick Museum. All Rights Reserved.


When I was young fellar and going to school I come home one evening after supper, walked in there and on the floor of my father’s house there’s seventy-eight raccoon carcasses. In the basement he had 122 beaver carcasses, seventeen red foxes. He’s all alone and I tell him I want to learn to do this. He looked at me and said, “You wanna learn?” I said, “Yes, I wanna learn so I can help you.” Okay, so once I mastered it I become the best, number one and all they did was help me out. Money flowed just like water. I’ve been in the fur business ever since I was 16, that’s fifty years, fifty years. I become the best in New Brunswick. I built a name for myself and a legend. People know me from everywheres and I’ve met a lot of people.

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