Patty Johnson Interview Part 5: Opportunity in Guyana

Establishing a role for a Canadian furniture designer in Guyana.

Qasim Virjee
Patty Johnson, Elise Hodson
March 2006
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Establishing a role for a Canadian furniture in Guyana

"I guess one of the things that makes a project like this appropriate for me is that I have a craft background. So although I've always been interested in production, I've also always been very interested in craft. That was my educational background, and continues to be my educational background [as I complete a] masters [degree] from Central St. Martin's [school]. Central St. Martin's is famous for many things, among them fashion design but also craft and design. And having said that I'll clarify that my level of comfort with craft production shows there and and shows why I would be interested in a project like this. To contextualize that a bit more broadly, I would also say that 2/3 of the world operates on hand labour. So despite the fact in our culture we think faster, bigger, more, better, in fact a lot of the things we use everyday are manufactured by hand in developing countries or in emerging economies. Design has an obligation to address these sorts of things. So I see that as a very important part of what I'm doing."

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