4,57 Billions Years of Evolution of Our Planet

4,57 billions years of evolution of our planet

Miguasha National Park

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The screen is divided into five sections, presenting the following items:

  • The main screen presents the drifting continents. The film begins 800 million years ago and ends today.
  • Screen 2 presents corresponding dates.
  • Screen 3 presents species present during the corresponding periods.
  • Screen 4 presents the average temperature during corresponding eras
  • Screen 5 presents corresponding periods according to the International Commission on Stratigraphy chart.
Year Species
740 m. years Algae and cyanobacteria
670 m. years Algae and cyanobacteria
610 m. years Algae and cyanobacteria
560 m. years Enigmatic soft-bodied animals
510 m. years Huge diversity of marine animals, several with hard body parts
460 m. years Strange fish swim the seas
410 m. years Flora and small invertebrates appear along the shores
350 m. years Tetrapods along the shores and the first great forests
310 m. years Small reptiles on earth and giant dragonflies in the air
260 m. years Huge reefs in the seas and more and more reptiles on earth
210 m. years Dinosaurs appear, as well as small mammals
160 m. years First feathered birds
130 m. years Bees and butterflies gather pollen from flowers
65 m. years Demise of the dinosaurs and great diversity of mammals
2 m. years Origins of man
15 000 years Modern man is on all continents
Year Temperature
740 m. years Very cold
670 m. years Very cold
610 m. years Very cold
560 m. years 19_C (warm)
510 m. years 20_C (warm)
460 m. years 23_C (warm)
410 m. years 21_C (warm)
350 m. years 16_C (cold)
310 m. years 10_C (cold)
260 m. years 16_C (warm)
210 m. years 19_C (warm)
160 m. years 20_C (warm)
130 m. years 20_C (warm)
65 m. years 17_C (warm)
2 m. years 15_C (cold)
15 000 years 16_C (cold)
Year Periods
740 m. years Proterozoic
670 m. years Proterozoic
610 m. years Proterozoic
560 m. years 542 Cambrian
510 m. years 542 Cambrian
460 m. years 488 Ordovician, 444 Silurian
410 m. years 416 Devonian
350 m. years 359 Mississippian
310 m. years 318 Pennsylvanian
260 m. years 299 Permian, 251 Triassic
210 m. years 200 Jurassic
160 m. years 146 Cretaceous
130 m. years 66 Paleogene
65 m. years 23 Neogene
2 m. years 1.8 Quaternary
15 000 years Quaternary

Moreover, the main screen indicates the location of Miguasha during all these years.

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