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Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, and Mother Earth

According to the teachings of the Anishinabe culture of central North America, the first of all the mothers, Nokomis or Grandmother Moon, dwells in the heavens near her daughter, Mother Earth. From there, Nokomis keeps watch over her children, gently leading them through the night. Mother Earth nourishes and cares for all her children in the plant, animal, and human worlds. Just as life comes from Mother Earth, it returns to her, completing the circle of life. Each day, Grandfather Sun, the "one who brings morning", gives light and warmth to his children. Together, Mother Earth and Grandfather Sun provide the gift of life to all. The heartbeat of Mother Earth is echoed in the drumbeat of the Anishinabe. Even Wolf, who sings to the Moon, bids us not to forget our beginnings with Nokomis, our Grandmother.
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